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Self Assessment




Effective December 31, 2013

The Concord Carlisle Scholarship Fund (CCSF) requested a performance review by Charity Navigator, one of the most highly respected sources for obtaining information on the performance of charities.  However, Charity Navigator has declined to conduct the review because the CCSF does not yet have the minimum $500,000/yr in donations required for inclusion in the Charity Navigator program.


As an alternative service for interested parties, the CCSF has performed a self-assessment using the Charity Navigator criteria and its stated average performances of charities similar to, but larger than, the CCSF.  The results of this self-assessment, based upon the 2013 fiscal year are as follows.


PROGRAM EXPENSES: Percentage of total functional expenses spent on programs & services (Higher is better)

            Standard:  > 67%

            CCSF:          91%


ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES: Percent of total functional expenses spent on management/general (Lower is better)

            Standard:  < 20.0%

            CCSF:          4.2%


FUNDRAISING EXPENSES: Percent of total functional expenses spent on fundraising (Lower is better)


            Standard:  < 20%

            CCSF:          5.1%


FUNDRAISING EFFICIENCY:  Amount charity spends to raise $1 (Lower is better)


            Standard:  < $0.15

            CCSF:          $0.05


PRIMARY REVENUE GROWTH: Measure of growth of grants and contributions over the past five years (Higher is better)

            Standard:  > 6.0% each year (average)

            CCSF:          2.0% each year (average)


PROGRAM EXPENSE GROWTH:  Measures growth of program expenses (scholarships) over the past five years (Higher is better)


            Standard:  > 3.0% each year (average)

            CCSF:          2.4% each year (average)


WORKING CAPITAL RATIO:  Determines how many years a charity could sustain its current level of spending using only its net liquid assets, as reported on its most recent IRS 990 form.

            Standard:     4 to 5 years

            CCSF:          4.4 years





Standard:  The charity must have a donor privacy policy in writing, guaranteeing that they will not sell or trade their donors' personal or contact information with anyone else, nor will they send mailings on behalf of other organizations. Furthermore, the policy must be prominently displayed on the charity's website or in its marketing and solicitation materials.

            CCSF:       Full compliance.




Standard:  No standard provided.

CCSF:   No member or officer of the CCSF Board of Trustees is permitted to accept compensation of any kind for his/her services.


INCOME STATEMENT: Taken from the Forms 990 filed by charities with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the information on this particular statement shows the breakdown of a charity's revenue and expenses, its payments to affiliates, excess or deficit, and total net assets reported on the most recently filed Form 990.


CCSF:  (1)  IRS 990 filings are completed annually.  IRS 990 filings for the years 1998-2009 may be accessed on GuideStar. Years 2010-2012 have been included within Scholarship America's group filings. Commencing with 2013, the CCSF resumed its independent filings which may accessed on GuideStar.

             (2)  Although not required by statute, an INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL AUDIT is performed annually by Bruce Norling, CPA PC, Sudbury, MA.


Note:  The CCSF Board of Trustees is committed to maintaining a policy of full public disclosure of all financial operations.  Inquiries are encouraged and may be initiated by e-mail (  or by sending a letter to CCSF, 34 Walden St. Unit 217, Concord, MA 01742.