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Press Release

50 Years of Scholarships to Concord and Carlisle Students
The Concord Carlisle Scholarship Fund is celebrating fifty years of granting scholarships to students in our community who need financial help in order to pursue their dreams of higher education. In a combined Concord and Carlisle community of 22,500, the organization has garnered 7,500 donors—some contributing each year since 1966. To date, over $3 million has been distributed to more than 1300 students, including many over their four-year college experience. And any student with a connection to Concord and Carlisle can apply.
Concord and Carlisle are fortunate to be among the wealthiest communities in Massachusetts. Even so, a surprising number of high school students in the community lack the funds to attend college.  In fact, each year there is an unmet financial need of over $1 million, and that number is rising. The Concord Carlisle Scholarship Fund is by far the largest of its kind in the community, but even with all best efforts, they cannot fill this gap.
So, on the cusp of its golden anniversary, board members asked how their work can be more visible to others who want to invest in the future of Concord and Carlisle students.  They wanted to maintain close ties to the Concord-Carlisle High School while avoiding confusion with the many other important community non-profits (“Are you the group that sets up a table at Crosby’s from time to time?”) and retaining its strong community-minded character.

Enter the team of Charlie Conn, Concord native and Concord Carlisle Scholarship Fund board member Priscilla White Sturges, and Concord resident Ed Bernard. These three have recently rebranded several local nonprofits, including Concord’s The Umbrella Community Arts Center, and Acton’s Household Goods. Conn was the creative force behind the brand identities of high profile companies such as Nantucket Nectars and Finagle A Bagel, while Bernard is a veteran writer with extensive experience in branding and comprehensive marketing campaigns. iConn Brand Architecture, edwords and Sturges’ Waterman Design help organizations to create a distinct brand identity in order to increase their impact and visibility, recognition and understanding of the organizations’ mission.
With this talented team, the re-branding process has begun in earnest. The CCSF now has a new name—The Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle —and a crisp message: The Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle helps students pursue their dreams, and supporting The Scholarship Fund is an investment in the future of both the individual students and the community.
In addition to the new name, expect a whole new look from The Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle in 2016, beginning with the annual town-wide mailing in February and the phonathon in March. The Scholarship Fund will hold a major event in the spring to thank donors, have an increased presence in community programming throughout the year, and, yes, maybe even a table at Crosby’s.