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Mission Statement

It is the mission of The Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle to assist deserving young men and women from the Concord and Carlisle community in achieving a post-secondary school education.  As trustees, we award scholarships to help fill the unmet financial need of students pursuing educational opportunities at accredited colleges, universities, and technical institutions.  All scholarships are need-based.    

The trustees share and express the commitment of our towns by taking an expansive, but inclusive, view of the Concord and Carlisle community.  All students served by The Scholarship Fund have a connection to Concord and/or Carlisle. These students include current and past Concord and Carlisle residents graduating from public or private schools within or outside the Concord and Carlisle community as well as non-resident students graduating from public or private schools in Concord or Carlisle.  All such students are eligible to apply for financial assistance.  These same students are also eligible to apply for scholarship aid throughout their years of post-secondary school study.

The Scholarship Fund assists many affiliate organizations in Concord and Carlisle in providing scholarship support to students.  For some affiliates, The Scholarship Fund administers scholarships by assessing each student’s financial need, selecting scholarship winners, and, in some cases, processing the payments to colleges.  Other affiliates make their own selections according to their criteria and make their own payments.

Certain scholarships may have more selective conditions outlined above.  For all scholarships, The Scholarship Fund selects recipients who best fit the specific conditions of the scholarship.  Any awards for which The Scholarship Fund makes selections and/or processes payments must first meet our need-based criteria.

The trustees are proud of our history of helping students since the The Scholarship Fund’s creation in 1966.  While we have provided scholarship assistance to over 1,000 students to date, significant unmet financial need remains unaddressed.  Because of the magnitude of the unmet need, The Scholarship Fund is currently focusing its resources on the four years of undergraduate education.  We are committed to our goal of increasing our resources so that, one day, we can respond positively to all qualified requests for scholarship assistance.