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Frequently Asked Questions

 Donor Questions

Application Questions

Changes in School Plans
Processing of Award Payments 


How do I document my donation for tax purposes?  All donations are acknowledged immediately in writing,.  For donations less than $250, your cancelled check or credit card statement is all that is needed.  You will receive a formal "tax letter" that documents your donation amount and provides the The Scholarship Fund Tax ID Number if your donation is $250, or larger. If you need assistance, e-mail

I wish to donate to a Named Fund.  How should I prepare my check?  All checks should be issued to the The Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle.  Please indicate the Named Fund preference as a memo on the check or on a memo accompanying the check. It should be mailed to The Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle, P. O. Box 217, Concord, MA 01742-0217


I'm interested in starting a new Named Fund.  How do I begin?  This process may be initiated by contacting a Scholarship Fund Trustee directly or by sending an e-mail to   We encourage all inquiries and will respond immediately..


I would like my donation to go to a particular student.  Can this be done?  No. IRS 501(c)3 regulations dictate that, once you have made a donation, you rescind all control of the donated funds except as provided by fiduciary statutes.


I wish to initiate a Named Fund, but don't have the money right now.  Is there any way I can do this?  Absolutely!  The  has a number of strategies to facilitate this process and is definitely willing to consider additional creative solutions.  Please contact a trustee or e-mail us at


I prefer not to be called during the The Scholarship Fund/CCHS National Honor Society Phonathon.  Is there any way I can let the students know?  Yes.  Simply send an e-mail to and your request will be honored.  Better still, mail your donation or pledge prior to the event to The Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle, P. O. Box 217, Concord, MA 01742-0217, or make an on-line donation by selecting Network for Good.  Once the donation is received, you will be taken off the "call list".


I would like to review the The Scholarship Fund audit.  Where can I get a copy?  The Scholarship Fund encourages such inquiries and readily provides all of its financial records for review by interested parties.  Let us know of your interest by e-mailing us at  The Scholarship fund IRS-990 tax returns for 1999-2009, & 2013 may be viewed by selecting GuideStar.


I've noticed you've added on-line credit card donating capability to your website.  Do you have a preference for credit cards vs. checks?  Actually, yes! Credit card transactions incur a 4.75% fee, whereas, checks do not. So send us a check if it is convenient to do so. But, if you're apt to forget, please donate on-line right now!  (You may choose to include payment of the credit card fee in addition to your donation.  This is truly appreciated.  Instructions will be provided when you donate on-line.)

I've heard there can be large tax advantages when donating securities.  Can you clarify this?  There can be substantial benefit in taking advantage of a "stepped-up basis" when donating securities to charities. You are urged to consult your tax advisor for further information.





When should I apply for a Scholarship Fund scholarship?  To be considered for a scholarship for the 2015-16 academic year, graduating high school seniors must submit applications postmarked by the May 1, 2015 deadline and students currently in college must submit applications postmarked by the April 1, 2015 deadline.  Be sure to start early enough to ensure that you have all materials submitted before the May 1st or April 1st date, as specified.  Many applicants initiate their FAFSA filing on Jan. 1st and update it as they receive formal W-2s, etc.  We recommend that you follow this practice.


I can't seem to download the application from the website.  Can you help me?  Send an e-mail to telling us of your problem.  Depending upon your preference and the information you provide, we will  e-mail the application to you as an attachment, send it by regular mail, or FAX it to you.


I attended middle school in Concord (Carlisle) and then went to school elsewhere.  Am I still eligible for The Scholarship Fund scholarship assistance?  If you have financial need, absolutely.


I have resided in Concord (Carlisle), but have always attended school elsewhere.  Am I eligible for The Scholarship Fund scholarship assistance?  If you have financial need, absolutely.


I am enrolled in graduate school and need financial assistance.  Am I eligible for a Scholarship Fund scholarship if I meet the general criteria?  Technically, yes.  However, the Scholarship Fund Trustees have determined that undergraduates must be afforded priority in funding until their financial need gap is fully addressed.  As a result, the likelihood of receiving support for graduate study is virtually non-existent.


I am currently in college and have sent in my application.  However, no one has contacted me for an interview.  When will I be scheduled? We interview only current high school seniors.  You do not need an interview.


I didn't complete a Scholarship Fund application while in high school.  However, I would like to do so now.  Is this OK?  If so, how do I proceed?  Yes, this is absolutely OK. Simply download the "in-college" application form and follow instructions.  If you are just beginning college, this form may still be used.  However, you will have to submit a copy of your high school transcript instead of a college transcript.  No interview is required.


There are certain issues in my family that impact on the amount of help they can provide me.  However, there is no way to include these in my FAFSA information.  What can I do?  Be sure to tell us of these matters in your Scholarship Fund application.  There is space provided specifically for this purpose.  One of the nice things about a community program such as The Scholarship Fund is that we are able to consider special situations more fully.


Do I need to provide SAT/ACT scores?  You must provide us with a copy of your most recent school transcript.  Test scores are not a specific requirement for consideration.


I am currently in college.  Do I need to have an interview?  No.  Only high school seniors are required to appear for interviews.


My family's finances preclude my meeting the requirement for financial need.  Should I still apply for a scholarship?  All scholarships involving The Scholarship Fund funds are subject to a financial need test.  However, some of the Scholarshp Fund-Affiliates do not have this requirement.  To be considered for their awards, you should still submit a Scholarship Fund application because it serves all Affiliates.


I am not going to a college.  However, I will be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary training program.  Am I eligible for The Scholarship Fund scholarship consideration?  Yes, as long as you have documented financial need.


I am currently enrolled in college.  Do you still need my high school transcript?  No.  Your most recent college transcript is required and will be sufficient.


How many recommendations do I need to submit with my application?  None are needed.


My family is friendly with one of the donors of a Named Fund scholarship.  May I request that my award be from that Named Fund?  The Scholarship Fund Selections Committee has sole decision-making authority.  You may ask that this be done.  However, there can be no assurance that your request will be fulfilled.


Why is my new award less than my previous award even though my need is greater?  Each year, the amount of available funds, the number of awardees, and awardee needs change.  Your award decision is made in the context of funds available and all applicant needs.  It may increase or decrease accordingly.


I received an unexpected scholarship that covers all of my institutional costs.  Can I use my Scholarship Fund scholarship for other expenses?  No.  All Scholarship Fund awards are need-based and must be used only for institutionally-billed expenses such as tuition, fees, board, & room.


I'm unable to attend the interview.  Will this disqualify me?  You MUST notify the Selection Committee ( as soon as you are aware of an interview conflict.  Every effort will be made to reschedule your session.  In no case, will an award be made to a high school applicant without the completion of an interview.




The Scholarship Fund understands that the college years are a time of growth and change.

We want be as supportive as possible.


My educational plans are changing.  Do I need to contact The Scholarship Fund? Absolutely!  We need to know what changes are being made so that we can process your scholarship payments properly and maintain communication.  Failure to do so may jeopardize consideration for future scholarships.  Please send us an e-mail at

I've decided to take a semester off.  Will I lose my scholarship?
We cannot pay if you do not enroll. You MUST inform us as soon as this decision is made.  If you have not yet commenced classes, but have already submitted your check to your school, this payment must be returned to The Scholarship Fund by your school. If you are taking Semester I off, and resume your studies Semester II, your award will still be paid for Semester II.


I'm withdrawing during the current semester.  Do I need to repay my award?  No.  Once you start the semester, you incur permanent financial obligations to your school.  Your Scholarship Fund award can still be used for those purposes.


If I change schools, will my scholarship follow me?  Yes, as long as you still have financial need.  You will need to inform us of your new financial aid package and new expenses.  Once your need is verified, we will issue payment to your new school.  The amount may be less than your initial award if you have less financial need.




When will I receive my award?  Normally, award checks are issued mid-July for Sem. I and mid-December for Sem. II.  If your school requires payment on some other schedule, please contact The Scholarship Fund at


My college has no record of receiving my Scholarship Fund check.  What do I do?  Contact the The Scholarship Fund ( immediately.  We will check our own records to see if the check has been processed through our bank.  If so, we will provide you with copies of the front and the back of the check.  This invariably results in an accounting error correction and you'll be all set.  If the check has not been processed, we may need to put a "stop payment" order on it and issue a new check to the school.  In any case, be assured that we will work closely with you until the situation is resolved.


I have been told that colleges will use The Scholarship Fund scholarship awards to reduce the tuition grant I've been awarded.  Is this true?  The Scholarship Fund vigorously opposes such decisions on the part of colleges and makes this very clear in its "college notification of award" letters.  They are told that any part of your award that is to be allocated to grant reduction must be refunded to The Scholarship Fund.  The result of this notification is that the issue rarely surfaces.  You can be sure that The Scholarship Fund will work diligently with you to reverse grant reduction decisions.


I'm dissatisfied with the way my school has structured my financial aid package.  Can The Scholarship Fund request a change in the way they allocate its scholarship?  Schools must use your award to reduce your personal financial obligations. And they are not permitted to use The Scholarship Fund grants for grant-reduction.  Other than these two criteria, The Scholarship Fund has little control over the financial aid decisions of your school.  If you have concerns about what they have done, contact the us at