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CCHS Class of 2005 Raises the Bar


Press Release

CCHS Class of 2005 Raises the Bar

In a move designed to start a trend, the Concord-Carlisle High School Class of 2005 has donated over $5,000 to the Concord Carlisle Scholarship Fund (CCSF) and as a result has become a Founding Member of the newly launched Concord High School/Concord-Carlisle High School Alumni Scholarship Fund.  This scholarship will be awarded annually to eligible CCHS students to help cover college expenses.  The CCSF gratefully accepted this pivotal gift, which was given as the Class of 2005 gathers for their Thanksgiving weekend reunion.

The Class of 2005 plans to raise additional funds, and over time would like to bring the total to a level where an annual Class of 2005 Scholarship can be given.  Lucy Miller, Chair of CCSF indicated that "The intent of the CHS/CCHS Scholarship Fund is to provide a way for alumni to contribute to the CCSF in honor of their school and class and to potentially build sufficient funds to provide an annual scholarship for their class.  We thank the Class of 2005 for their significant gift to CCSF and congratulate them for becoming a Founding Member of this Fund.  We hope that other CHS and CCHS classes will follow their lead."

All Concord High School and Concord-Carlisle High School alumni and friends are invited to contribute to the new CHS/CCHS Alumni Scholarship Fund in recognition of their Class and in honor of the education they received at the High School. 

The CCSF provides annual scholarships, from endowed funds and general contributions, to students from the Concord Carlisle community who have financial need.  Scholarships are awarded to students whose resources are insufficient to pay the cost of post-secondary school education including colleges, universities, technical and vocational schools.  Since its inception in 1966, the CCSF has given nearly $2 million in scholarships to over 900 students.  For more information on CCSF, this fund, or to find out how your class can become a Founding Member of this fund please visit CCSF’s website at