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Application Timeline

NOVEMBER:  Request a PIN (personal identification number) from the Department of Education. Your PIN  will significantly reduce processing time on your FAFSA

DECEMBER:  Encourage your parents/guardians to start assembling their financial information.   Request a copy of the FAFSA from your school's Guidance or Financial Aid Office.  If you plan to complete the FAFSA on-line, visit the site and review the application.  You may start your FAFSA now and save your work for completion at a later date. 

JANUARY:  Complete all family taxes ASAP!  As soon as they are filed, complete and submit the FAFSA.

FEBRUARY:  All in-college applicants request that their latest official transcript be mailed to The Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle as soon as possible.  Mail "In-college" applications to The Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle with a COPY of the Student Aid Report (SAR), as soon as possible. 

High school seniors please delay submission of your application and Student Aid Report copy until you know which college you will be attending.

MARCH:  "In-college" applicants: If not previously done, (1) mail your application and copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR) to The Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle postmarked by April 1, 2019, and (2) request that your official transcript be mailed to The Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle postmarked by April 1, 2019.

APRIL:  All "In-College" application materials must have been submitted postmarked by April 1, 2019.  All High School Senior application materials must be postmarked by May 1, 2019.


All applicants, including those who are currently receiving a scholarship from The Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle, must submit a current copy of their Student Aid Report (SAR) from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Please visit our resources page if you have any difficulty with the application process.

Applicants and parents may find the following resources helpful:

FAFSA on the Web Worksheet
Complete a PDF FAFSA
Completing the FAFSA
Tips for Completing the FAFSA (video)
Month-by-Month Guide to procuring financial aid!
Guide to Student Loan Resources
College planning for information and guidance on post-secondary school planning.
(This is the Sallie Mae homepage. The Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle does not endorse this or any other private enterprise. However, this website does provide extensive, helpful information.)